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Breakthrough Gallery

Submission Deadline: Thursday, July 11th, 2024

Gallery Display Period: 6 Months


We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for local artists to participate in a gallery showing at Breakthrough Sounds! It’s only fitting that the theme for this first showcase is:


We invite artists to explore and interpret the concept of breakthrough through their unique artistic lens. Whether it's a personal breakthrough, a societal shift, or a creative epiphany, we want to see how artists visualize and express this theme. Consider intertwining themes of freedom, journey, discovery, and progress. Selected artists will be featured in a gallery opening show on Sunday July 28th.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. 1. Artwork Submission: Artists are invited to submit their previous works that align with the theme of "Breakthrough." While new creations are not mandatory, artists are welcome to explore this theme in their submissions if they wish. Each artist can submit up to 5 pieces for consideration. Submissions must be able to hang on a wall.

  2. 2. Artwork Description: Along with the artwork submission, please include a brief artist statement introducing yourself and explaining how your work relates to the theme of "Breakthrough." This statement should provide insight into your artistic process, inspiration, and interpretation of the theme.

  3. 3. Dimensions of Piece: For each artwork submitted, please provide accurate dimensions, including height, width, and depth (if applicable). This information will help us plan the layout of the exhibition space. 

  4. 4. Social Media: Include your social media handles or website links where we can view more of your work and promote your participation in the exhibition.

  5. 5. Obscenity and Explicit Content: While we understand art is about artistic expression, our business is open to the public and will be viewed by patrons of all ages so please use discretion when submitting pieces that may not be suitable for all ages.

Perks of Participation:

  • Opening Gallery Reception: Participating artists will be invited to an exclusive opening reception to celebrate the launch of the exhibition. This event will provide an opportunity to network with fellow artists, art enthusiasts, and potential buyers.

  • Curated Artist Panel Discussion: A curated panel discussion will be organized during the exhibition period featuring participating artists. This discussion will delve deeper into the theme of "Breakthrough," offering insights into the creative process and inspirations behind the exhibited works.

  • Merchandise from Breakthrough Sounds: As part of our collaboration with Breakthrough Sounds, participating artists will receive merchandise inspired by the theme of "Breakthrough."

  • Headshots: Each participating artist will have the opportunity to have professional headshots to support in promoting artists' success.

  • Discounted Rates on Studio Services: Enjoy discounted rates on studio services throughout the duration of the exhibition, including studio rental.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, July 11th, 2024

Gallery Display Period: 6 Months

We are excited to review your submissions and curate a diverse and captivating exhibition that explores the theme of "Breakthrough" from various artistic perspectives. Please send your submissions to by July 11th, 2024. Selected artists will be notified by July 16th.

We look forward to showcasing your talent and celebrating the power of breakthrough in art!

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