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Studio B

Our Production Suite, Studio B is the perfect space to track vocals, as well as produce the tracks you’re recording on. Featuring an array of MIDI controllers  and DAWs such as FL Studios, Reason and Pro Tools, Studio B is more than ideal for any producer or vocalist. Our experienced engineers will work with you to make sure you end up with a mix that satisfies the vision you initially came in with, and something you can be proud of listening to immediately after.

  • Suitable for vocal tracking and track production

  • Includes MIDI controllers and DAWs such as FL Studios, Reason, and Pro Tools

  • Perfect for any producer or vocalist

  • Consistent sound and high-quality recording for each record

  • Collaborative engineers to ensure your vision is achieved 


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7615 Granger Rd. Valley View, OH 44125

Tel: (440) 399-7023

0ur studio is open 7 days a week:

Sunday - Thursday | 8am - Midnight

Friday | 8am - 6pm

Saturday | 2pm - Midnight

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