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48th Cleveland International Film Festival

Updated: Apr 20

We had a blast helping out Alysha Ellis with the Mas LaRae Show, as she interviewed different filmmakers and participants at the 48th Cleveland International Film Festival. The interviews will air as three individual episodes of the podcast, covering the discussion of films aired at the festival; including “American Delivery”, “The Star I Lost”, “Neirud”, and “Unseen”.

The festival began on April 3rd  and will run until April 13th. CIFF is showcasing over 120 feature-length films and almost 200 short films. Most films will be able to be streamed online by the festival from April 14th to the 21st. The Cleveland International Film Festival consistently aims to “promote artistically and culturally significant film arts through education and exhibition to enrich the life of the community”. It was an honor to get to experience such levels of creativity and ambition.

For more information regarding the Cleveland International Film Festival check out their website.

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