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Breaking Through to Youth

Updated: Jun 19

We were recently allowed to show our support for helping to create more safe and impactful opportunities for teens and children, by becoming a sponsor for former Cleveland Cavaliers player, Daniel “Booby” Gibson’s ‘Stop the Violence’ All-Star event. The event that took place on Wednesday, February 21 allowed kids to interact with players, rappers, and other public figures; all while enjoying some basketball.

Our participation at the event didn’t stop with a sponsorship alone- we also came with the opportunity for attendees to win prizes such as candy, studio merchandise, and even free studio services. Gibson’s intention behind the event was to create an opportunity for kids to experience joy and inspire them and their families to explore such programs that encouraged them to better themselves, while also helping to keep them away from potentially harmful situations. 

At Breakthrough Sounds, we have always made it our mission to provide the space, opportunities, and support required for young minds to flourish; and we are unbelievably honored to have helped such a wonderful vision to come to life. We as a team take pride in our relationships with each other and our community. 

For more information on Breakthrough Sounds, please visit our website: 

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